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Postpartum OCD

I’ve never told anyone but… When my girls were little I was acutely aware of how fragile their little bodies were. I imagined what would happen to them if they flew out of the car window on the highway. I pictured what it would look like to trip on the stairs and fall on top […]

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8 Steps for a Preparing for a Psychologically Healthy Birth

We prepare the baby’s room. We pack our bags for the hospital. We spend time thinking about being home with our babies. We go to our weekly OB appointments to make sure our bodies are ready to give birth and growing our babies well. But how much time do we spend preparing mentally and emotionally […]

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So it seems apt that the forces that be have finally convinced me that a blog is in order, and the weekend I decide to begin is just before Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week.  I will be posting thoughts and encouragement for a social media blitz to stamp out the stigma of maternal mental illness […]

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